Transient Ischaemic Attacks: “Mini-strokes”
e-learning to support training in TIA and TIA-like presentations

Do ABCD3 & ABCD3-I improve stroke prediction?

ABCD3 and ABCD3-I Scores Are Superior to ABCD2 Score in the Prediction of Short- and Long-Term Risks of Stroke After Transient Ischemic Attack (Kiyohara T and colleagues Stroke Feb 2014 Issue

Adding more core information from our TIA patients that can include +/-2 TIA in last 7 days, symptomatic carotid stenosis >50%, acute hyper-intense lesion on DWI MR can help to identify our patients who will be at greatest risk of stroke. 633 patients from a stroke register in Japan were followed for 3 years and the different risk scores compared in stroke prediction value. ABCD3/3-I were superior to ABCD2. DW MR is widely used in Japan (93% of all TIA patients)

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