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Do ABCD3 & ABCD3-I improve stroke prediction?

ABCD3 and ABCD3-I Scores Are Superior to ABCD2 Score in the Prediction of Short- and Long-Term Risks of Stroke After Transient Ischemic Attack (Kiyohara T and colleagues Stroke Feb 2014 Issue Adding more core information from our TIA patients … Read more

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How common are transient neurological events in older adults?

Mavaddat & colleagues (MRC Cognitive Function & Ageing study) surveyed transient visual, limb motor or speech symptoms in a UK cohort of 11,903 adults > 65yrs. 9.8% reported at least one of these 3 symptoms over a two year period. … Read more

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Stroke Incidence – Age/Ethnic Disparities over time in South London, UK

Wang, Rudd and Wolfe report in Stroke (2013; 44: 3298-3304) stroke incidence over a 16yr period using data from their Stroke Register. 4245 first stroke’s recorded demonstrated a fall of 39.5% in stroke incidence over 16 yrs. The fall reflected … Read more

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AF detection in stroke/TIA -72hr v 24hr Holter ECG monitoring

Groud and colleagues undertook 72-hr Holter ECG in 1135 patients with Stroke/TIA (Stroke 2013; 44: 3357-3364). AF was detected in 49 patients (4.3%) at 72 hrs versus 29 (2.6%) at 24hrs. Hence 20 more patients were detected by extending monitoring … Read more

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TIA related events and meetings – dates

6-9 May 2014: European Stroke Conference – Nice, France –Now the largest stroke conference worldwide. Abstract submission will open end-October 2013 30 July-1 August 2014: Stroke Society of Australasia Conference – Hamilton Island, Australia 28-29 August 2014: Smartstrokes … Read more

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Dual Therapy cuts stroke risk

Addition of clopidogrel to aspirin within 24 hours after symptom onset reduced the risk of subsequent stroke by about 30%, in Chinese patients with high-risk TIA or minor ischemic stroke, as compared to aspirin alone. The investigators from 114 centres … Read more

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