Transient Ischaemic Attacks: “Mini-strokes”
e-learning to support training in TIA and TIA-like presentations

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Lindsey Dow DM, MSc (Medical Education) FRCP: Consultant Stroke Physician, Royal United Hospital (RUH) NHS Trust, Bath, UK and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer (Bristol University)
Heather Woodcraft BA (Hons), MB, BS, MRCP: ST3 in Geriatrics, RUH, Bath

Jessica Gallagher (4th year medical student, Peninsula Medical School)
Dr Dara-Chameli Seebaran Suite MB, BS; BSc (F2, Royal Free Hospital, London)
Imogen Malone – Graphics (2nd yr Graphics Student, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester)

Images and advice for individual parts of the
clinics were obtained from:

Sam Davis, Chris Curd and the Vascular Studies team, RUH, Bath
Mahesh Pai, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Devan Thavarajan, SpR Vascular Surgery and the Vascular Surgery Team at the RUH, Bath
Toby Hall, Consultant Radiologist, RUH, Bath

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