Transient Ischaemic Attacks: “Mini-strokes”
e-learning to support training in TIA and TIA-like presentations

UK Stroke Forum Endorsement

UKSF Endorsement - kitemark has been awarded a UKSF Education and Training Quality Mark

Additional comments from the panel:
“A wonderful initiative in a very deserving area. A terrific resource. Well done to all involved.”

“One improvement to consider in the Patient Resource section is to provide some templates/forms that could be used to provide written information to patients (e.g. for lifestyle changes, medication, tests, etc). I know there are some links to NHS sites, etc but I think downloadable forms with content directly relevant to information needed after TIA would be a valuable addition to this great resource.”

“This online course met all the learning outcomes.”

“A very interesting online course that kept my interest. The website is fantastic and one that I will be keeping a note of for future reference.”

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