Transient Ischaemic Attacks: “Mini-strokes”
e-learning to support training in TIA and TIA-like presentations

Useful links and further reading

Throughout the clinics we make references to areas which require further e-learning. Here are some links to essential guidelines, websites and research which will be helpful for your learning and clinical practice.


NICE guidelines 68: Diagnosis and initial management of acute stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA) London, Royal College of Physicians.

Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke 4th Edition, London: Royal College of Physicians, 2012.

SIGN guidelines 108: Management of patients with stroke or TIA: assessment, investigation, immediate management and secondary prevention.

World Stroke Organisation.

British Association of Stroke Physicians (for consultants, trainees, speciality doctors in stroke in the UK).

National Stroke Foundation for Australia – health professionals, patients and carers. Guidelines are on this site.

New Zealand TIA Guidelines.

DVLA guidance for doctors about driving after a stroke or TIA – includes information about personal vehicles and professional vehicles e.g. lorry drivers.

Resource centre for stroke (USA) with information/learning for health professionals and patients.

Patient information

NHS ‘Change4Life’ website has lots of information about diet, exercise and alcohol.

Alcohol guidelines and unit information – NHS website.

The stroke association has a good patient information page about driving after a stroke or TIA (PDF link).

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